Android VPN

Over a billion people from around the world use Android powered smart phones to create, communicate, share, and more – for both, work and pleasure. Yet, Android keeps making headlines for security weaknesses with each new version and subsequent update. In addition to the standard threats from hackers, phishers, crackers, data scrapers and surveillance programs, recurring threats to Android devices include spyware, malware, and adware.

According to the 2014 Sophos Mobile Security Threat Report, over 2000 new Android malware samples are discovered every day. A large part of these threats generate from third party app distribution platforms apart from Google Play. The following infographic shows the many ways in which security and privacy threats can impact Android users.

wserwrImage: Android Security Threats

(Source: Sophos Mobile Security Threat Report 2014)

After the failure of traditional mobile anti-virus software, and the repeated disclosure of vulnerabilities in the Android OS, mobile device users have begun seeking out Android VPN as a comprehensive solution to their diverse problems. The demand for Android VPN (illustrated in the Google Trends graph below) provides an excellent picture of the growing need for additional data security and online privacy amongst Android users.

drfdrImage: Search Trend Graph for ‘Android VPN’ and Forecast

(Source: Google Trends)

Features and Functions of Android VPN

While there are numerous benefits to using Android VPN, there are three major advantages that merit mentioning. These are the primary utilities that Android VPN services prioritize and provide when developing and distributing their apps.

Unrestricted Accessibility

While Android VPN was originally invented for data security and privacy related purposes, it is very popular amongst streaming lovers. The IP cloaking feature (discussed below) allows Android device users to access geo-restricted websites and app services – while ensuring untraceable online anonymity.

Online Privacy

A critical function of Android VPN is to ensure complete online anonymity. This is made possible thanks to the IP cloaking that occurs when Android VPN is activated. The VPN server’s IP address cloaks your Android device’s primary IP address, and since online identities are connected to IP addresses, the IP address from the VPN server becomes your virtual identity – making your completely anonymous.

Data Security

All Android VPN services and apps come with data encryption and tunneling functions. Data encryption helps ensure data security while tunneling helps guarantee data priority during transmission. Android users generally prefer to use the OpenVPN encryption protocol for a balance between data security and speed.

Additional Android Security & Privacy Measures

While using an Android VPN provides protection from most Android security and privacy threats, it would be naive to leave out additional measures that are trusted by Android security experts around the world.

  • Do not install apps that demand access to more information than that which is necessary for the app to function
  • Use mobile data instead of free WiFi HotSpots that may be unsecure and unencrypted
  • Avoid connecting to Android devices that have been “rooted”
  • Keep your Android OS updated
  • Encrypt the data on your device with encryption software
  • Only install apps from trusted and legitimately referred sources
  • Use secure cloud sharing options to store and share big data
  • Install trusted anti-malware and anti-virus apps. Run scans frequently.

Implementing these measures, in addition to using Android VPN, is all that you will (and can do) to ensure complete Android security and privacy – at work and at home. It is because of the same reason that organizations around the world are integrating the above-mentioned recommendations into their workplace mobile device policies.

Free vs Paid Android VPN Services

The best way to use an Android VPN is to subscribe to an Android VPN service. There are numerous free Android VPN services but none of them provide adequate security, speed, and stability. In fact, most free Android VPN services are built to collect and mine user data – which is eventually sold in the black market.

Paid Android VPN services and apps are built to provide and sustain data security and connectivity speed without compromising on device stability. The availability of tech support is an additional advantage, but perhaps none of the features of Android VPN are as important as that of accountability. In comparison to premium Android VPN, free Android VPN services provide zero accountability.

Selecting an Android VPN Service

While all of them promise the world, not all Android VPN are genuinely reliable. Before subscribing to an Android VPN service and downloading the app, make sure to closely examine the Android service on the following perimeters:

  • VPN server spread and availability
  • Android specific pricing and refund policies
  • Compatible and bug-free App for Android device
  • Multi-login support for use on multiple devices
  • Free trial and/or money-back guarantee
  • Setup guides, FAQs and trouble-shooting tutorials
  • Tech support

Take your time in assessing different Android VPN services before you subscribe to one as almost all Android VPN services are built to ensure that the above features are provided but only a few might fit your specific needs.

In a Nutshell

Android VPN services are becoming increasingly popular, which is why VPN services are rolling out their Android apps while also giving users the option to manually configure VPN on their Android devices.

An Android VPN is now as undeniably important as Facebook or Skype. You will need it to secure your contacts, conversations and data – both personal and private. Having an Android VPN up and running on your Android device is now as necessary and as unquestionable as having Facebook or Skype.

Welcoming the New Technology

This company focuses at providing various IT solutions such as managed, stand-alone and shared services. With about three years experience by now, this firm has integrated solutions for why be it as a commercial and public market.

Why choose them?

The company fully partners with you as one of its customers hence building long term relationships. To lead as an example to other IT related firms, it applies the services and the solutions offered to you ensure that they learn from their first-hand feel to help their customers.


Major services enjoyed by the customers

  1. Asset Recovery Services

Imagine you having to unlimited services you hard earned computer or even the IT asset you value most; the feeling might hurt you much. Did you know you can avoid that through one simple step? By enrolling with this company, you can enjoy unlimited services related to asset recovery. Apparently, these services encompass all used mobile and IT devices. As a DataServ customer, you are provided with a total lifecycle value for assets.

  1. Take back solutions

Are you a businessperson considering offering best services to your customers while still boosting revenue and sales? This company provides global IT-assisted take-back solutions for different applications. Every web based system from them is developed in-house. With this, the company can provide entirely customizable solutions.

  1. Data wiping

Just like any other person, you might not want to have your data deleted; and in case you wish to have it deleted, you can’t imagine the feeling of loosing your most sensitive data. You should not worry yourself much now- With this company, even you most sensitive data will be in safe hands. This encompasses a 100% deletion of data both offsite and onsite all through the process chain.

  1. Datasafe logistics

Dealing with the full process of asset collection, to storage of your IT assets can be hard leave alone it being time-consuming. Through this company, you can benefit from various services without having to bother yourself much (parking, collection of asset and even storage). You will also be amazed of the company’s financially attractive solutions meeting the best national as well as global standards of security.

  1. Management deployment solutions

Particularly during this time when the world is evolving at a high rate, a majority of the firms have improved their IT systems. Unfortunately, that is not the end; from time to time, your IT infrastructure will need some repair. Avoid such problems by organizing with this firm’s Turkey solutions experts. The professionals will help you from the storage of your new IT assets to installation and imaging. You will just sit and watch all your requirements being met.

How to enroll in the company’s services

There are two ways in which you can be served by the firm- through the public and the commercial sectors. The company is well skilled in higher education, K-12 education, municipality markets, and the library which ensure that all your constituents are serviced, and your mission has been fulfilled. As a company, it is focused on the enhancement of educational technology which explains why it is a founding of the initiative of ShareOhio. Whether your business is small or even middle size, the experts of the company offer you solutions improving business line efficiencies. This will, in turn, offer you a competitive market edge.


Find Out Why Backlinks and SEO Are Inseparable

It is likely that those who have read or heard about SEO know something regarding backlinks. And if you are among those hearing it for the first time, you may be pondering what the hell it is and the role it plays in search engine optimization. In the recent times, backlinks have proved vital in SEO and are considered the main foundation to respectable SEO.


As it were, http://scanbacklinks.com/ takes you through the entire system to help you understand what it means by back linking, their importance and above all, what you need to do in order to attain them without rubbing shoulders with search engines like Google.

What are backlinks?

Otherwise referred to as inbound links, these are links directed to your site. The more backlinks on your website, the more popular and important your site is. In most cases, search engines such as Google offer more credit to sites that consist of a great number of valuable backlinks. Besides, they give more credence to these kinds of sites when it comes to search query.

When calculating the significance of a website in regard to a given keyword, search engines focus on the quantity of valuable inbound links directed towards that particular site. It is therefore not sufficient to focus on backlinks alone, but the number of quality backlinks on your site.

In order to determine the value of a link, a search engine takes into account the site’s content. Inbound links are only considered relevant if they are coming from sites containing similar content as your site. In the event that backlinks emanate from sites with unrelated content they are regarded as being irrelevant. Thus, quality of inbound links is measured by their relevance to your site.

Search engines expect websites to operate on an even playing ground and search for normal links established gradually over a period of time. Although it is easy to influence links on a given web page in order to acquire a top ranking position, it is much difficult for a search engine containing external inbound links from other sites to be manipulated.  This explains why backlinks are vital when it comes to search engines.

As it were,   http://scanbacklinks.com/ has analysed the latest search engine’s criteria regarding valuable backlinks which has become even tougher attributing to the unscrupulous webmasters aiming to attain the inbound links using sneaky or deceptive means including hidden links or automated pages purposefully designed to offer backlinks to websites.  These pages are commonly referred to as link farms and while they may not only be marginalised by search engines, being connected to a link farm could jeopardise your site’s relationship with Google forever.

Yet, achieving high quality inbound links allows you to lure traffic on to your site.  There is no way you can develop a website and expect people to find it without giving direction. You will definitely send word out promoting your site. In the past webmasters used the system referred to as reciprocal linking to get the word about their sites out.

Most webmasters own more than websites which may sometimes be related or not. In this case, you must be very cautious when thinking of interconnecting with a number of websites on a common IP.  In case you have several sites, a link to every page of the websites could be disastrous as it may seem fishy to a search engine. Although a number of website owners have tried to influence backlinks using this means, excessively linking to websites using a common IP address is known as backlink bombing.

Bottom line: From a search engine viewpoint, interlinking sites isn’t important; however, the main reason why you would want to link your site to others would be to provide your customers additional resources for visiting. Thus, it would be advisable to link your visitors to another of your sites while trying minimizing instances of using the same IP address.  Making it one or two on a single page won’t be a bad idea.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Sometimes Upgrades Take Time

There are many areas of high infrastructure that have yet to fully utilize available technology to their advantage. Consider, as an example, the US prison system. Most of their organizational parameters are conducted through paperwork which hearkens back the 20th century.


This is because a technological upgrade isn’t always something easy for a prison to employ, given that it is continuously operative.

It’s not like prisoners can be given a furlough while a facility is upgraded. As a result, organizations like Securus are just now applying modern technological upgrades of the infrastructural variety to prisons across the country. While many have been positively affected, there are many still to go.

While prisons have their own hurdles to overcome when upgrades are on the table, there are many manufacturing arenas that have no such hurdles, and yet have difficulty modernizing.

Consider that many big-ticket manufacturing groups have left the United States, and are currently in operation throughout countries like Mexico and China. This is because cost-effectiveness becomes essential.

Burgeoning Opportunities

It’s oftentimes more cost-effective to outsource operations than to upgrade existing ones; but in the wake of the current seat-change going on in Washington D.C., that’s going to change. Apple is already reportedly bringing back manufacturing plants to the US, and you can bet they’ll be employing the latest in technologically profound production techniques.

Now is the time to get in on the “ground floor”, so to speak, and upgrade your existing facilities so that they are at their highest operational potential when the seat change has come into its maturity over the next several years. At the very least, this will allow you to reap a brief operational boom at your manufacturing location.

One of the best kind of manufacturing upgrades to hit production floors in recent years comes in the form of software which is designed to streamline operations while continuously providing actionable data.

According to AISCorp.com, manufacturing execution system (MES) arrangements are: “…an integrated suite of MES software modules and devices designed to bring speed, control and visibility to your manufacturing operations.” Such MES technology allows you to keep an eye on operations, identify redundant practices, curtail them, and increase cost-effective efficiency.

Increased Unilateral Opportunity

Real time data collection and analysis is something increasingly mainstream thanks to cloud computing technology. Even small to medium-sized businesses now have the ability to compete with big-ticket corporate conglomerates. The reason is, such computing technology brings the same level of computational ability to the “little guys” which has been in the hands of corporate interests for years.

When technology of a similar kind—modern cutting-edge software analysis available in real time, or near it—is brought to bear on manufacturing, more trustworthy output can be quantized and streamlined, saving money and increasing profit potential. This allows retention of employees and more specialized positions that ultimately pay more, providing greater value for their cost over time.

Keeping Up With The Times

Infrastructural upgrade is necessary not just for cost-effective manufacturing, but for future situations as well. Eventually the advances of today will be the status quo of tomorrow. Waiting too long will put your business behind. Certainly, jumping the gun can get you involved in tech that hasn’t yet had the bugs worked all the way out; but with MES applications, that isn’t generally the case.

Take a look at your factory floor, and see if there are areas where visibility, speed of production, and closer control would help refine your manufacturing process. The likelihood is, there are many such areas, and MES software from the right provider is just the thing to optimize your manufacturing floor for the brave new world of the twenty-first century.

How to Make Your Internet Business More Successful

If you’ve begun an online business and want it to be successful, know that you can accomplish your objective. Use some or all of the business-building techniques outlined below to make it happen:

1. Buy Things Online.

When you run an internet business, you’ll likely find yourself spending a substantive amount of time in the online world. As such, it is convenient and advantageous to shop for both commercial and personal products via Internet. Companies like MRO Stop are pleased to offer clients a diverse array of products, some of which include:

• Fasteners
• Electrical Equipment
• Lighting & Batteries
• Donaldson Filtration
• Fittings
• Janitorial
• Hydraulics
• Hose and Tubing
• Material Handling
• Lubrication
• Pumps
• Safety
• Pneumatics
• Tools and Tool Storage

Contact us now to learn more about what we have to offer.

2. Attain Professional Digital Marketing Services.

In many cases, individuals who start online businesses have substantive digital marketing skills. However, it’s still a good idea to attain professional assistance. Doing so can help you really maximize your conversion rates and visibility by ensuring that you have a team of skilled professionals working on your behalf all the time. Some of the key services you should look for in an online advertising company include:

• Link Building
• Online Reputation Management
• Responsive Web Design
• Keyword Analysis
• Content Marketing
• Web Design And Development
• Target Market Research

You should also try to locate a digital marketing company that is skilled in offering public relations services. Now that the worlds of online advertising and PR have begun to meld, many digital companies are skilled in offering services like:

• Press Releases
• Crisis Communications
• Media Kits
• Product Launching

3. Create Checklists.

One highly effective yet frequently overlooked business-building strategy that can assist you in moving your internet company forward is creating checklists. This organizational tool enables you to outline what you’re attempting to accomplish on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. You can then simply check off items as you complete them. In addition to empowering you to keep track of whether you’ve completed important tasks, this step can help you gauge periods of the day during which you’re the most and least productive. It can also help you determine whether there are specific environments in which your level of motivation increases or decreases.

Don’t Delay: Start Building Your Internet Business Today!

If you want your new online business to become incredibly successful, know that one of the biggest secrets to success is putting together a plan. You can incorporate some or all of the techniques outlined above into your strategic plan so your company can remain on the path to profound growth and expansion!

How You Can Avoid Data Loss on Your Hard Drive

If you’ve ever been put in the position where all the data stored on your computer’s hard drive was suddenly gone, you understand the feeling of panic and fear that it causes. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid the unavoidable, but you can take steps to ensure your data remains safe and protected. It’s impossible to predict your computer getting hacked into, your hard drive failing, or your data completely vanishing due to human error. But you can predict how you will react.

Hard Drive Recovery Services

If you didn’t take steps to protect your data and you find that everything you once had stored on your computer is now gone, there is still a possibility that you can get that data back. If your computer is still functioning properly, you can check to see if there are any computer restore points that will allow you to set your computer back to a certain time when your files are still intact. Sometimes data loss is much more complicated, but there are services that can recover almost anything from many types of devices. Be sure to look for a reputable Secure Data Recovery company that can assist you in recovering your files.

Backup Data Often

You can ensure you have access to your files even in the event of losing everything on your hard drive by backing up your files. It’s important to have at least three copies of the documents you care the most about. Strive for having two forms of physical backups such as a memory card or an external hard drive. You should also backup everything into a cloud backup storage, such as DropBox or CrashPlan. If you constantly load new files on your computer every day, you should back up your files daily.

Use a Good Virus Detection Program

Since there’s a lot of data on your hard drive, you need to be extra-vigilant in protecting it. Invest in a good virus protection program that offers real-time scanning, automatic updates, heuristic scanning, compressed file and folder scanning, automatic script blocking, email and instant messaging protection, and spyware/malware scans. There are many free programs available, but most of them are just the most basic versions and don’t offer the full protection you need.

Utilize Firewalls

Firewalls add an extra layer of security by monitoring traffic that enters your computer network. A two-way firewall is even better because it monitors traffic coming in and traffic going out. A firewall blocks Trojans, stops keyloggers, and prevents hackers from getting into your data. Many computers already have a firewall program, which can be accessed in the Control Panel. You’ll want to check to make sure it’s turned on.

Protect Computer from Physical Damage

Keeping your computer protected against physical damage is another way to keep your data safe. Try to keep your computer in a low-traffic dust-free area. Keep water away from it and keep your computer away from sticky substances. Static electricity is also another thing that can erase data, so take extra steps to ensure your computer is protected against it. You should always get in the habit of turning your computer off when it’s not in use. If you carry your laptop around with you, avoid letting it out of your site and make sure it’s password protected.

Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere. Your files are important and most likely can’t be replaced. It can be frightening to lose everything, so make sure you take measures to keep your data safe. Making extra copies of your files stored in different places isn’t being paranoid; it’s being proactive in making sure your data remains safe.

Information on the Benefits of Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is a reasonably priced video editor program without the non essential features that you often find in a complex video editor. You don’t have to make a monthly or yearly payment to use Movavi Video Editor for Mac like other expensive software. It is no use spending hundreds of dollars to buy an advanced video editor when you don’t know how to use its features. Movavi Video Editor for Mac is a beginner level video editor software suitable for performing basic video editing work.


Most videos are not suitable for publicizing on the internet without proper editing. Editing the video allows you to rectify errors like videos appear grainy or shaky. Background noise can be removed with the use of a de-noise filter. The built in stabilizer function can remove all traces that show that you are shaking the camera while filming the scene. There are automatic enhancement tools that allows you to improve the coloration of the video. You can manually adjust the different coloration sliders and see how it affects your video.

If the video appears dark, you can use the brightness tool to make it look as if it was shot in a normal bright lit condition. The sharpen tool will be handy if your video is very blur to the point that you can’t make out the character. The sharpen tool is very easy to use and you just drag the slider further and further to the right until the video look clear just like how you wanted. Fixing the small errors can make a big difference in the video. You will find that it takes much lesser time to do your video editing compared to other advanced software.

With your imagination and creativity, you will be able to add the right special effects onto the video. A properly edited video will look more convincing to your customers and prompt them to show more interest on your products. Movavi video editing software for Mac features a lot of preinstalled fonts that are fancy. If you can’t find a suitable Movavi font, you can install your own font. The font list will show all the fonts that are installed on your computer so you will be able to use your own font for the captions added to the video.

There is a preview box which you can preview the video while editing it. On the top left corner, you will find 3 tabs including before, after and both. If you go to the before tab, you can preview the original video. The after tab will give you a preview of how the video will look like after you have applied the edits you just made. The both tab allows you to compare the before and after video after the editing side by side.

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is suitable for people who want to create videos and post them on YouTube regularly. It supports all the video formats that are accepted by YouTube. Saving the video for viewing on your mobile device is easy as the software supports the presets for almost all types of mobile devices.


Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Templates

Working with PowerPoint presentations may lead to various issues. Here are some common problems that are often repeated by the PowerPoint users. Though the issues are minor in nature, they can create a huge impact on the final presentation.

Poor Contrast: There can be serious issues with the contrast in the presentations. For example, if the user is using the background as black color, the fonts must be in white color instead of gray. The title must not be too small making it visible. If you are using bullets, the colors must be prominent. In case you are using a faded orange color for the bullets, it will simply disappear when you are displaying the PowerPoint presentation through the projector.

Huge File Size : If you are using the high-resolution images in your background, the size of the file naturally becomes huge. This will occupy 1 MB space, even if the presentation is blank. If you still want to use that image, make sure that you have reduced the resolution. This will also reduce the file size.

Default Theme of Colors: The color themes of the presentation must look corporate in nature. But if you are using the default color themes for the PowerPoint template, you are missing the opportunity to influence your audience. The customized themes can be chosen from the tab Designs>Colors.

Blank Slide: Sometimes the presenters may use simple blank slides for creating their PowerPoint presentation. But, when you are creating the professional template, this option should not be chosen ideally.

Small Fonts: The font sizes must be visible to the audience when it is being displayed on the large screen. If you are using very small fonts like 24 points, the presentation is barely visible. If you want to command more attention, the title font can be 44 in size and the main content can be 30 in size.

Custom Fonts: When you are using the customized fonts instead of the standard fonts, it is definitely showing your creativity. But, when you are sending the file outside without embedding, you will be in great trouble.

Mismatch Shape Formats: The layout and the shape formats must be suitable according to your presentation. You can create a template after clicking right on the shapes and can choose the ‘Set as default shape’ before saving your file.

Standard Footers: Footers can be edited and you must not use the standard footers in your templates. When you are using the slide master, it is always advisable that you are not using any immovable footer. Instead of adding the page numbers in the footers, you can simply use the text boxes for creating your footers.

Background Options: The background options must create an excellent contrast in your presentation. You should choose from both dark and light versions and apply the version, which suits your presentation the most. For example, for an internal meeting, you can use the light version and for an industrial conference, you can use a dark version.

Off-center Bullets: The size of the bullets should also be matching your presentation. The bullets can be 70% of  the size of the text. But, when you are changing the size of the bullets, make sure they are positioned properly.  It is advisable that the square, dash and the circle can be used in the smaller version with the standard fonts like, the webdings or the windings.

These small mistakes can spoil your entire effort of creating an excellent professional presentation. These ten points are the areas where the presenters can improve their skills and create a professional presentation.

Author Bio : Steven Arnold is a professional PPT expert specializing in creating the PowerPoint template. In this article, he is discussing some mistakes that should be avoided while making professional templates.