Testing Before Launching – Why This Is Absolutely Necessary to Success

Before launching a network, website, device, a new app, or even a piece of software, it is important you incorporate performance testing to your workflow. This is because performance testing new software enhances the odds of success and enables you to move your project forward. There are loads of advantages for carrying out performance testing prior to any launch and some of them include:

Prior Assessment of How the Product Will Function

In certain circumstances, the scenarios projected by product developers do not exactly reflect the reality on the ground. This is where performance testing comes so as to give you a foretaste of how the product will perform in the real world. Performance testing has the benefit of hindsight and gives you the opportunity of how your product would respond if it was to be put live today. You will also be able to evaluate the speed at which your product runs and the responsiveness of your business to problems.

Security Checks

There is nothing as risky as launching a digital product without it undergoing security analysis. There is always a risk of hackers accessing your website, app, or whichever system you put live and it is only prudent that you foresee these problems before they actually take place. Performance testing shows you the loopholes if any through which hackers can launch their attempts to break in and manipulate your information and data.

Through performance testing, you can also be able to know how to fix the security holes before anyone takes advantage of them. Ethical hacking is one of the practices that come in handy during this phase of performance testing.

Fine Tuning Your Product before Launching

After the completion of performance testing, you will have a better idea of the current performance of your product and any possible adjustments that need to be made if your product is to satisfy the intended purpose when it is launched. Some of the tweaking may involve a slight change in the configuration of the product while others may require additional coding so as to bring the product up to speed.

The last thing you would want is to put a product live only to receive a mail or a call that the intended user cannot benefit from your launched product because of one failure or the other. Customer experience is key in product development because if it is not taken care of, it can easily taint and damage your reputation. Try and avoid instances where you may have to bring down your product for fixing and re-launching. This is costly, inconveniencing, and can lead to a total collapse of your project. Doing performance testing will enhance chances of your launching a perfect product that works flawlessly just as you had envisioned during development.

The benefits highlighted above give you enough reasons why performance testing needs to be considered and incorporated into your workflow before your product is launched. The time wasted, frustration, and embarrassment caused may not be worth it in the long run.

weather and the changing climate

A recent study in the scientific journal Nature found that extreme weather events that previously happened only once every three years are now occurring every 200 days due to the changing climate. Being prepared for floods, therefore, is vital, but what does this actually entail? Flood preparation requires a holistic approach involving the monitoring of water velocity, level and precipitation, and a system for timely notification when any of these factors reaches an upper limit. Read on to find out more about the elements of a flood alert system.

Water-Level Monitoring

There are a variety of different water-level sensors, each suited for different sites and the data type required. The simplest solution for recording water levels takes the form of a submersible vented pressure sensor. However, the submersion of the sensor leads to biofouling (the accumulation of algae and water-borne organisms which affect the sensor’s functioning), and thus regular maintenance is required to ensure accurate data.

Radar sensors are slightly more high-tech. The sensor is mounted to a bridge or purpose-built arm over the body of water and works by bouncing radar beams off the surface and recording the distance. Biofouling is not a problem due to the sensor never making contact with the water, reducing maintenance costs.

Another option is a ‘bubbler’. This device features a simple plastic tube located below the lowest point of the water level, and it pumps air into the water, utilising the back-pressure of the air to track stage changes. Biofouling is not a problem due to the positive air pressure removing detritus as it exits the tube.

Precipitation Logging

Heavy precipitation is an easily accessible indicator of coming floods. Rainfall is most commonly measured using a tipping bucket rain gauge, where rainwater is funnelled into a small seesaw-like device, and once a certain amount of rainwater has collected, the seesaw tips. The number of tips is recorded and can be transmitted via radio waves, and there is the possibility of configuring an automatic warning if the frequency of tips reaches a certain level.

Water Discharge Calculation

At sites where the water inflow is not gravity-fed or may register variable backwater, measuring the water level doesn’t usually provide enough on its own to determine water discharge. A sizeable change in water velocity in conjunction with an unchanging water level can be a reliable trigger of flood events. There is a wide range of river velocity and flow meters, all specialised for different operating conditions, environments and data-related aims.

Ultrasonic flow meters utilise sound waves to measure water flow velocity, bouncing the sound from one sensor to another and back again. In totally still conditions, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave transmitted and its reflection bounced back will be identical, but if water is flowing in between the sensors, then the Doppler effect comes into play.

This is the same effect that is noticeable when an ambulance passes by at speed with its siren blaring, where the Doppler effect produces audible distortions. By calibrating the flow meter properly, the degree of Doppler effect in the ultrasound wave permits a highly accurate calculation of water flow velocity, which can be transmitted live or stored in a nearby data unit.

Information Transmission and Alerts

The final component of a reliable flood alert system is the capability to transmit the recorded data in a way that allows pre-emptive action to be taken to avert potential flood damage. One means is to transmit the sum of the data collected from the instruments to a public webserver using 2/3/4G mobile telephone network. Alternatively, data can be stored locally and collected physically via a PC.

Get benefit from the professional Toronto SEO agencies

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Spying Technology: Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

It’s not uncommon to hear people ask questions like “Can you trust spy apps?”, “How do spy apps work”, or “Can you spy on iPhone?”. These are just some of the queries that frequently pop up online. Although spying technology has been around for many years now, many people are still not too sure about what it is, how it works, what it can really do, etc. The information available online mostly comes from unreliable sources causing ambiguity rather than clarity. Well, we are here to help you out by providing you with the answers that you’ve been searching for since a long time.



Are Spy Apps Reliable?

This has got to be the most common question and biggest concern of people who are about to invest in spying technology for the first time. This concern is normally based on two things, i.e. fear of getting caught, and the effectiveness of features on offer. The truth is that not all apps falling in this category are reliable. Some apps consume a large amount of mobile data, which raises a red flag. Other unreliable apps slow down the phone, switch it off randomly, affect call quality, and leave other hints that make it easy for the device user to figure out that they are being spied on. Aside from that, not all features touted by spy app vendors really work the way they are expected to. Some of them are either half-cooked, leaving plenty to be desired, while others are dependent on so many prerequisites that it completely strips them of their usefulness. This is why it is strongly recommended to invest in a spy app after thorough market scanning and research.

How Do Spy Apps Work?

Many people are curious to know how these incredibly powerful private investigators work, as the whole idea of spying without getting noticed sounds too good to be true to them. Well, there isn’t a lot of complexity involved in the process to be fair. Once installed on the device, normally in stealth mode, the app gets to work by sniffing around for data, including call logs, SMS, instant messaging conversations, stored pictures and videos, and much more. It then uses Wi-Fi or mobile data plan of the target device to upload the sniffed data to an online password-protected control panel that is only accessible by the person who is aware of the username and password. Once logged into the control panel, which is possible from any device, any location, and at any time, the person can easily access all recorded and uploaded data.

Do Spy Apps Offer Remote Installation?

This is, by far, the most frequently asked questions as physical installation increases the chances of getting caught. Unfortunately, this capability has remained evasive so far. Workarounds to this inconvenience have been offered, with some spy app vendors providing solutions that work without having to install anything on the target device, including non-jailbroken iPhones, but remote installation has still not been accomplished, at least not yet.

Do Spy Apps Work on iPhone?

Yes, spy apps do work on Apple’s flagship phone. While the feat was accomplished a long time ago on the non-jailbroken iOS device, recent advancements in the area has even made it possible to keep tabs on an iPhone that has not been tinkered with. This is huge. The jailbreaking prerequisite meant sacrificing warranty and increasing the device’s susceptibility to malware and other digital threats. Fortunately, that is no longer required.

Can Spy Apps Track Location?

Yes, they do. Spy apps use GPS sensors embedded in almost all modern phones to discover their precise coordinates The information collected is given in the form of longitude and latitude. This information can be accessed via the online control panel. Some apps go a bit further by uploading location information after specific intervals, thus creating a location history log.

Information from QA Testing Companies: Software Quality Criteria

By the generally accepted definition, software quality is the degree of conformity to implicit or explicit expectations and requirements. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether a software product is in compliance with the quality requirements. How to know whether the product is of appropriate quality? This problem can be solved by implementing different standards to improve the software quality needs. There are software quality criteria that help to enhance software quality assurance.

QA testing companies provide specialized services associated with software quality verification so that to allow businesses worldwide to reduce effort, cost and time in testing.

Software quality criteria should be measurable, i.e. there must be the possibility to present them in quantitative terms.

The ability of software to perform as expected (according to the requirements). This quality criterion is the most important, because the users pay money namely for the functionality.


Performance testing service is aimed at finding and solving software defects early in the development lifecycle of your project.

The criterion may be divided into 2 parameters:

  1. Number of open (unfixed) functional defects per the product. There must not be too significant functional defects in software.
  2. Number of successfully executed test cases. Provided, that test cases fully meet functional requirements to the software.

System stability. The stability is a measure of how many elements of the system are affected once a change is made. In other words, the system is considered stable if it functions correctly during long-term use and under expected volume of load.

In order to make sure of the system stability one may simulate conditions during which software product will perform for the user. Software stability testing is to be carried out under more severe conditions than that under which the product will perform for the user.

Performance. Software performance is the ability of the system to operate in terms of stability and responsiveness under certain working load.

Supported platforms (i.e. configurations). The main functional tests are done on all supported platforms. But it is not all the time possible to run all existing tests on all configurations.

Functional testing services are available to ensure you that your software product is bug-free and therefore can be released.

Get to know all about pinnacle studio from reviews

As of now, it is very much evident that use of internet has made it the most popular and useful medium that has proved its utility every now and then. There are many awesome tools in modern times that are helping to make this medium more amazing and incredible. As video is a great thing that internet has provided then, there are many programs where you can get best tools related to it. Pinnacle studio is certainly a worth exploring program that is capable of doing several things that is going to provide many additional benefits for sure. You can definitely get to know all about them from the reviews which are definitely going to prove very helpful in different ways.

Know best things from pinnacle studio reviews – In today’s time, when videos have become an inseparable part of the lives of people, then there are several tools as well that can make them awesome. You can find video editing tools, other tools and plug-ins that might give you best help in getting exceptional results and there are many choices for programs to make the right selection. Pinnacle studio is undoubtedly one of the most promising names that can help you out in the best way by providing several comprehensive tools. You can get to know all the benefits of this program with the help of pinnacle studio reviews which is incredible in its own way. You can create highly precise and unique videos with the tools that you get from pinnacle studio that makes them a leading choice among others. There are many users who have tried them and speak highly about them which make them worth exploring choice in several ways. You can get overwhelming results by creating and editing videos in the most amazing way that are aesthetically appealing and pleasing. The reviews of pinnacle studio clearly state the utility and tell about the popularity that they have gained which is awesome help for you. You can find exceptionally range for pinnacle studio which adds to all the benefits offered by them and you need to try them today for all the help. Pinnacle studio reviews are definitely a great help that you can take as there you can know about the other details of this incredible program that is of high quality and has been highly recommended.

As in current scenario, internet and online ways have captured the attention of millions of people by providing innumerable ways that are helpful. Videos are one such ways that have gained immense popularity and it is needless to explain that for sure. You can thus find programs that are giving them a new dimension and pinnacle studio offers best help in terms of video edition and many more things that will be of great utility. You can enjoy using this awesome program and help at the best prices and can know more about them by going through reviews.

How smart do you need your phone to be?

It seems the smart phones nowadays can do everything except do the dishes, and even that it can probably do if you have a smart home as well. It sounds great when you hear about all the features available even for models that are not top of the line. You can find neat ones at the website of Virgin Mobile USA. However, how smart do you really need your phone to be? Here are three questions you need to ask yourself.


What features do I need?

If all you do is make calls, text, and occasionally use it as an alarm clock, you only need the most basic smart phone model you can get. In fact, you might be better off with non-smart phones, because the lack of features usually means the battery drain is super slow. You will not have to worry about it going dead in the middle of the day if you charge it every couple of days. However, if you use it to check email, track people, shop, or schedule meetings, then you should get a smart phone that handles those needs.

What can I use?

If you have a hard time dealing with a smart phone, a feature-laden smart phone may be too much for you to utilize fully. You may even become less efficient because you are struggling with trying to figure out how to use it. You might be better off with a basic phone, and do your more complex tasks on a laptop.

How safe is it?

Smart phones can be very useful if you are always on the go. You can book a flight, find your way around traffic, order roses for an anniversary, and much more. However, because it can handle so many transactions for you, you put a lot of your personal information in it that cyber criminals can access. If it is not absolutely necessary for you to do these things on your smart phone, then don’t.

Smart phones are great little gadgets, but sometimes it is overkill. Choose the smart phone that is just smart enough to be useful to you, but not enough to be dangerous.

How Newer Ecommerce CRM Software Benefits Small Businesses

What Is Ecommerce CRM Software?

Did you recently call Amazon or your cable company to discuss an issue with your order or service? And they rattled off order data, shipment details, prior conversations you had with them about the matter, didn’t they?

Green document binder with CRM customer relationship management word place on graph analysis and business reports

Well, guess what? They used ecommerce CRM software to help provide better service to you. The customer service person pulled information stored in their customer relationship management (CRM) file to check on your interactions with her company. CRM files are a powerful tool for organizing and managing company interactions with customers.

Customer relationship management is not only for big companies with thousands of customers. More and more smaller companies are offering their products and services online. Online businesses are growing at a higher rate than traditional brick and mortar retailers. Smaller online businesses are no exception.

While your local retailer knows you personally, online businesses, large or small, lack direct personal contact with their customers. A local retailer or service person remembers you, what you purchased and when. His memory is his CRM software. Online businesses replace personal contact with software to manage customer service, sales, shipments, payments and much more.

Benefits Of CRM Software For Small Businesses

Marketing and sales are the lifeline of any business. Studies have shown that 57 percent of potential customers do not even talk to an online salesperson before they have visited the websites of numerous businesses to gather information.

CRM based email marketing can increase revenue by up to 82 percent. One dollar spent on CRM directed customer emails creates $ 44.00 in returns.

Online marketers deal with informed customers. They need to know who their potential customers are and where they are coming from. Analytic software can give them some information. But the leading, top-reviewedecommerce CRM software can do it much better.

Special CRM software puts start up or small businesses on par with the big boys. It collects, analyzes, organizes and stores data in a central place. This digital information is available to employees of the company anywhere and anytime. Even on a smart phone or tablet in the field. No more checking individual databases, connecting to different servers, flipping through papers or asking another team member for information or help with a case. CRM software has it all stored in one place, an information hub for the entire company.

A complete CRM package can among others:

  • Optimize marketing
  • Increases sales
  • Improve customer relations
  • Grow the customer base
  • Streamline and improve internal communications
  • Provide ad hoc internal analysis and reporting.

With CRM software business owners no longer have to run their operations ‘by the seat of their pants’.  This nifty software enables them to make informed decisions at present and for the future. At what price, you ask?

Is CRM Software Too Pricey For Small Businesses?

No, it is not. CRM software packages come in many forms. They can be simple, basic packages for a small startup or complex, all-encompassing sophisticated suites of integrated software for major established enterprises. The present size of a company and its anticipated growth determine which CRM software package to use.

Keeping it as simple as possible when on boarding in the early phases is a great way to start benefiting from eCommerce CRM software.  Prices range from as low as $ 5.00 to several hundred dollars per month per user, depending upon the solution that you select. Low-price packages tend to offer functional bits and pieces while expensive deals come as entire software suites. The choice is yours.