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The Issue

The period has come to pay attention to “Solutions” as opposed to “Tools”. SAP doesn’t offer a good eCommerce solution included in their SAP Company ONE profile. It is actually therefore essential to review the marketplace situation and supply information as well as resources concerning the current offerings associated with eCommerce. Throughout conversations along with partners, clients and a good online dialogue, we put together and structured the “Success Factors” for that perfect SAP Company ONE e-commerce solution. When deciding to have an eCommerce Answer that works together with SAP Company ONE you are able to measure the actual available functions against individuals success elements. In order to get this done in the structured method we may complete the next path:

First we consider the solution scenarios depending on SAP Company ONE. This really is followed with a brief evaluation from the target market and it is constraints. We after that define the actual “criteria” you can use to assess features. Essentially, this criteria is made to measure the solution’s power to “Capture the company Momentum”. There are lots of features as well as functionalities. We detailed the “key e-commerce features” that needs to be present inside a solution to be able to enable “End-to-End” procedures. The last step would be to put the important thing eCommerce features towards the test using the potential focus on user base in your mind. We make an effort to measure the entire solution using the innovative “Simple However Powerful Check – SYPT”. This visible representation is dependant on the Newton Holder concept as well as showcases the solution’s possible to “Capture the company Momentum”.

The answer

The requirement for web technologies is omnipresent and also the ROI with regard to web implementations is actually “undisputed”. While using method shown with this white paper you are able to “dispute” as well as better decide for that “right” answer. We will concentrate on products which are highly incorporated with SAP Company ONE. Therefore e-commerce solutions which are not incorporated with SAP Company ONE through design tend to be disregarded. Any solution could be integrated which is not the goal to supply an integration guide with this document. We concentrate on solutions which are utilizing the actual DI-API or even similar way to “extend” SAP processes towards the web. Any “manual” integration won’t be part of the white document. The goal of the document would be to highlight the requirement for end-to-end options that effortlessly integrate.

Most rising companies require a solution that’s easy to use, easy in order to implement and may help all of them “manage growth”. Growth is something, but “managing” development is crucial. We may later observe how the set up “Success Factors” will help you identify exactly how this “Management associated with Growth” could be handled together with your preferred answer. In the following section all of us will determine and define the prospective market for that SAP Company ONE e-commerce solutions.

The marketplace – Concentrate on Emerging Businesses

What’s small businesses? If a person ask experts and customers there are lots of categorizations as well as criteria, that is causing a few confusion. The definitions are different through country as well as industry. It factors to the truth that the categorization is dependant on the viewpoint. For instance, a company might be large from the SAP Company ONE viewpoint. However it might be small with regard to SAP mySAP. Please discover the complete SAP Company ONE categorization beneath:

• Rising (1-10 Workers)

• Little (<50)

• Mid (>50)

• Business (>500)

The e-commerce solutions discussed with this document tend to be targeting the actual Emerging, Little and Mid-Sized businesses. This client segment is seen as a limited savings, limited THIS management assets, niche marketplace focus as well as success dependent approval procedures. Therefore the actual potential solutions need to deliver a simple to handle solution which has the capabilities to become adjusted in order to detailed “niche” marketplace needs.

The actual Criteria — Establishing “Business Momentum”

The caliber of a product is dependent upon the requirements we use to judge it. During a good online discussion about the LinkedIn SAP Company ONE discussion board participants had been asked in order to contribute their own perspective about the “Key Achievement Factors with regard to eCommerce” as associated with SAP Company ONE. The dialogue further underlined the requirement to organize the actual success elements and framework them. For instance some individuals had common complaints concerning the available solutions while some requested particular features. It obviously showed that there are a number concerns as well as requirements going swimming. In order to assist consultants as well as customers assess their possible eCommerce answer for SAP Company ONE we organized the actual success factors the following:

–Real-Time Integration since the basis in order to preserve the actual “Business Momentum”

A vital selling stage for SAP Business The first is “Real-Time” info. It is actually therefore vital that you evaluate the amount of integration with regard to potential e-commerce solutions. May be the solution “Real-Time” incorporated or is actually “Synchronization” necessary to keep the information updated within SAP Company ONE? There might be reasons to select one approach to integration within the other. However all of us advise that with regards to the SAP Company ONE designated target audience “Real-Time” integration is actually preferred since it minimizes the necessity for extra consulting several hours and/or guide synchronization. We’re suggesting this particular, because an answer that isn’t integrated within Real-Time may need repetitive guide steps to find the data within sync. In a company management world there are several red flags whenever we hear “repetitive guide steps” as well as data that isn’t in “sync”. Additionally the worth of “Real-Time” integration is how the “Business Momentum” is actually preserved. The actual Newton Holder nicely shows the impetus when various components tend to be connected within real-time. With this white document we may identify the actual “Key Functions for eCommerce”. Those may represent the actual components that need to be connected within “Real-Time” as well as preserve the actual “Business Momentum” within SAP Company ONE.

–Custom Element / Regular Component

Every e-commerce implementation is exclusive as clients have really specific needs. At the same time frame each e-commerce implementation needs to meet business requirements as well as standards in order to comply. It gets clear that the solid e-commerce solution with regard to SAP Business You have to deliver the flexibleness to fulfill customer particular requirements whilst also complying along with new business standards.

When analyzing an e-commerce solution all of us therefore identify the ability to “customize” the actual functionality with regard to customers. In add-on we checklist the “standard technologies” that are offered. Therefore the actual “custom/standard” criteria should be evaluated as you. For instance customers generally wish to implement their own custom style. However today’s eCommerce style has regular features which are often integrated using the design. This kind of standards tend to be “Google Advertisements, Chat, Internet Analytics”. As it might turn away most customized features ought to be based on the standard functionality within the eCommerce answer. This method you prevent programming and make certain the solution could be maintained.

When regular features aren’t available, e-commerce solutions tend to be “customized” by way of programming. We extremely discourage any kind of programming with regard to customer projects since it defeats the objective of an out-of-the container solution. All of us advise clients to strategy any encoding additions along with caution.

With that said it should be noted that many eCommerce projects possess some requirements that can’t be easily implemented inside a standard structure. That’s whenever your solution selection is vital. How can a particular requirement end up being implemented? For instance many client scenarios curently have an current web as well as eCommerce answer. It had been potentially developed being an expensive customized development. You have to treat this type of system like every other “Island associated with Operation” and assess the potential with regard to replacement or even integration. Your e-commerce solution ought to provide choices for both situations. For example a current eCommerce website ought to be easily integrated using the SAP e-commerce checkout procedure. Therefore a good eCommerce answer can serve like a “real-time” linked solution which integrates a current website along with SAP Company ONE.


Are any extra Add-Ons necessary to achieve “End-to-End” procedure integration? For instance does your own eCommerce answer require extra add-ons for Charge card Processing, Delivery Rate integration, Newsletter Integration or every other essential performance? This is really a crucial element, because for just about any SAP Company ONE implementation you need to limit the amount of Add-Ons utilized.

–Proven Background / Accreditation

In purchase to show the history of a answer often the amount of customers is actually utilized. However it’s not a adequate criteria whenever evaluating options. Therefore the next additional criteria should be thought about:

– May be the solution “State-of-the-Art”? Often set up solutions tend to be outdated or depending on old technologies. You have to make certain that the solution includes a long-term perspective excited and not just backward.

– Can there be a significant quantity of customers that purchased the answer, but in no way used it or else never proceeded to go “Live”. This may point to some discrepancy in between “Sales Skills” as well as “Solution Potential” of the vendor.

— Review business independent evaluations. Is the answer positioned within competitive portfolios?

– May be the solution licensed by SAP? This is a good sign for the actual vendor’s dedication for this product.

– What are the “Live” stores that you could evaluate. This ought to be the best sign, because you can observe “live” what you might get. Did the actual “live” shops require encoding?

– What are the implementations inside your specific business?

– Is really a clear advantage analysis along with before as well as after situation available? This factors to the truth that the answer provider includes a structured strategy.

–Regional Protection

It is actually interesting to notice that it’s often overlooked to think about language particular requirements with regard to localized implementations. The perfect eCommerce answer would allow it to be simple to sit in regional needs. Therefore the actual regional coverage includes a “functional” element. Considering the nature associated with eCommerce having a potential globally audience this particular aspect might play an essential role whenever eCommerce options reach an adult level exactly where overlooked features such as this become an important factor. The long term eCommerce system wouldn’t only permit you to publish shops easily as well as present appropriate content dynamically with regard to users, but additionally would identify the place of a present site customer and figure out the geographic as well as cultural construction including items, currency, stockroom locations, as well as availability. These “regional” elements are obviously functional and may contribute for an efficient incorporated eCommerce answer.

An essential non-functional element is “support”. Basically you have to determine in case your preferred e-commerce vendor offers support capacities at the geographic area.

–eCommerce Crucial Feature RETURN ON INVESTMENT

Features are essential. However functions can include complexity. The primary requirements ought to be matched using the core function set obtainable in the examined solution. We wish to highlight this criteria is vital. Providing the actual “right” functions helps clients understand the actual potential of the solution. It is best to supply features which inspire customers depending on a regular solution instead of offering these phones implement “based on the requirements”. Do not misunderstand this particular as ignoring the comprehensive customer needs. A answer provider ought to address the most typical requirements after which also “connect the actual dots” release a synergy results. For instance integrating E-newsletter functionality isn’t an instant obvious perform. However along with integration this particular functionality may leverage your own real-time data to another level.

It’s also important to notice that it doesn’t make sense to visit “feature hunting”. The less and much more precise features the greater. Therefore with this white document we evaluate what we should call the actual eCommerce necessities. We do not advocate including new functions, but instead keep this simple as well as add features only when their integration provides significant synergy. The next features would be the essentials all of us identified whenever analyzing e-commerce functional completeness:

— eCommerce End-to-End Procedure

– Multi-Store Capacity

– On the internet Catalog

— Web Dashboard

— Service Integration

— Newsletter Automation

We gave each one of the above key includes a neutral RETURN ON INVESTMENT weight. You are able to change this depending on your particular requirements. Each crucial feature is actually evaluated from the success elements. Using this particular concept you are able to assess e-commerce offerings as well as position all of them against the needs you have.

The achievement factors for every criteria tend to be:

– Real-Time

— Custom/Standard

— Completeness

– Background

– Local Coverage

Merchant Evaluation

When analyzing vendors as well as their e-commerce solutions make use of the following criteria to judge:

– Does the seller have an answer or the “programming toolset”? The strategy “We can perform anything a person like” doesn’t suffice. Depending on our analysis a typical functionality should be available with regard to customers.

– What’s the history from the solution? The number of owners as well as developer fingers did the answer go via? Changing signal and software having a history in excess of one owner isn’t easy. Customers with regard to such solutions find yourself getting advertising updates along with marginal worth.

– May be the solution created for SAP Company ONE or even did the seller “modify” a current implementation which was designed with regard to another system?

– Be cautious of suppliers promising which their solution can help you “Keep your computer data Synchronized”. You ought to have your information in Real-Time, which doesn’t require synchronization.

– Does the answer provide real-time info and protect the “Business Momentum”?

Vendor Rating Chart depending on Key Requirements

The subsequent chart is really a sample visible representation which shows exactly how different e-commerce solutions with regard to SAP Company ONE measure against the actual identified achievement factors. Each crucial feature is actually evaluated from the success elements. As you can observe the N2ONE Website shows higher ratings for every key function. Each element from Multi-Store, e-commerce, Online List, Web Dashboard, Support, Newsletter Automation is actually integrated within Real-Time and created for end to finish processes which preserve the actual “Business Momentum”. In add-on no Add-Ons have to implement the actual functionality. Other eCommerce options even need Add-Ons with regard to basic checkout performance.

SYPT — Simple However Powerful Check

What is actually SYPT?

The Newton Holder nicely shows the ability of kinetics. Additionally, it shows the significance of incorporated processes which transfer information seamlessly within Real-Time. But what when there is a dis-connect? It’s not hard to see how the cycle is actually broken and also the process can not work anymore. Therefore we wish to make use of the Newton Cradle like a tool to judge that the important thing process components have been in place and adhere to SYPT critertia specifically “Feature Completeness” as well as “Ease associated with Use”. For instance if the next criteria tend to be met the actual SYPT can get high ratings:

– Absolutely no programming necessary to customize

— Little talking to help required

– End-to-End Automation without having additional Add-Ons

The “Simple However Powerful Check – SYPT” eventually puts the answer to the make sure qualifies in the event that it delivers a great combination associated with features, ease-of-use and also the capability in order to “manage growth”. Matching the client resources using the final solution regarding usability as well as manageability is essential. SAP Company ONE clients can vary from 1-2 worker companies by having an eCommerce solution that could grow in order to 80 workers with numerous locations as well as warehouses. Matching what’s needed with minimum or without having programming is actually key. If programming is needed, it should be ensured that it doesn’t affect the actual “supportability”.

The “Simple However Powerful — SYPT” check evaluates every “eCommerce Crucial Feature” while using “Success Factors” requirements. In add-on, each e-commerce key function is judged depending on its “ease-of-use” as well as usability thinking about the potential audience of SAP Company ONE clients. Using this process, we can ensure that a function can provide business advantages for customers with no costly requirement for continued talking to help. Real-Time integration of all of the key functions and simplicity of use will assure success. To be able to visually signify these needs, we possess color coded every key function. We then make use of the Newton Holder concept to judge if an answer is effective at “preserving the company momentum”. For instance if a vital feature isn’t implemented then your “end-to-end” procedure is damaged. Essentially this could result in the truth that the momentum isn’t preserved.

Additional SAP e-commerce solution (merchant undisclosed)

You will find disconnected crucial components. The actual momentum is actually lost.

N2ONE Portal created for SAP Company ONE

The answer preserves the company momentum. Just about all key functions are combines in real-time.

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