Skypax Gives You a Real UK Shipping Address

Many business owners and consumers seek to buy items in Great Britain and transact with British companies. Whether you need to buy an item from eBay, from a seller who refuses to ship to your country, or whether you need to acquire a British cell phone, as part of the verification process for an online gaming site, Skypax has the solution you need to establish a legitimate presence in the United Kingdom.

Too many regulations, too few good solutions

If you’ve read this far, you probably know exactly why it can be so important for some to establish a genuine UK mailing address. With the ever-increasing costs of shipping, many UK-based sellers on eBay and Amazon will no longer ship internationally or to specific countries. This can be a problem if you live in a country with a high incidence of fraud or payment issues. For someone living in Nigeria, for example, through absolutely no fault of their own, the likelihood they will be able to transact with British firms and sellers is effectively nil. They need a real UK presence.

A UK mailing address can also be necessary for those who wish to transact with UK-based gaming companies. With the largest, most heavily regulated and most lucrative gaming industry on the planet, the UK offers gamblers, sports bettors and poker players opportunities that don’t exist anywhere else. But using these sites almost always requires maintaining a UK mailing address. Skypax has the solution.

Many small business owners or internet entrepreneurs may likewise need to have a real UK presence. Forming a business within the UK is necessary to conduct many types of business, and this almost always requires that the principal have a permanent UK address. A Skypax mailbox can solve this problem.

Skypax also offers a number of other high-value services. One of these is its package forwarding service. When dealing with a seller who will not ship to the buyer’s country, all the buyer needs to do is have the package shipped to their Skypax mailing address. The package will then be forwarded by Skypax directly to the buyer’s home or office. Skypax also offers a wide range of shipping options, including everything from standard delivery to overnight air. Skypax offers shipping through all major operators, including UPS, DHL and FedEx. Discover more at the┬áSkypax website.

Skypax also offers one of the most innovative and useful services of its kind. It can purchase from UK businesses on behalf of its clients. For those familiar with the nightmare of international payments, particularly those in the UK, the value of this service needs no explanation. But for the rest, because of extreme regulatory bloat in the area of anti-money-laundering law, it can be nearly impossible to transact with British companies, for those located in certain jurisdictions. Nowhere is this truer than for Americans seeking to make purchases at British companies. Popular British payment options, such as Skrill, Neteller and PaySafe are completely unavailable to Americans. And credit card companies will often restrict international transactions.


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