Testing Before Launching – Why This Is Absolutely Necessary to Success

Before launching a network, website, device, a new app, or even a piece of software, it is important you incorporate performance testing to your workflow. This is because performance testing new software enhances the odds of success and enables you to move your project forward. There are loads of advantages for carrying out performance testing prior to any launch and some of them include:

Prior Assessment of How the Product Will Function

In certain circumstances, the scenarios projected by product developers do not exactly reflect the reality on the ground. This is where performance testing comes so as to give you a foretaste of how the product will perform in the real world. Performance testing has the benefit of hindsight and gives you the opportunity of how your product would respond if it was to be put live today. You will also be able to evaluate the speed at which your product runs and the responsiveness of your business to problems.

Security Checks

There is nothing as risky as launching a digital product without it undergoing security analysis. There is always a risk of hackers accessing your website, app, or whichever system you put live and it is only prudent that you foresee these problems before they actually take place. Performance testing shows you the loopholes if any through which hackers can launch their attempts to break in and manipulate your information and data.

Through performance testing, you can also be able to know how to fix the security holes before anyone takes advantage of them. Ethical hacking is one of the practices that come in handy during this phase of performance testing.

Fine Tuning Your Product before Launching

After the completion of performance testing, you will have a better idea of the current performance of your product and any possible adjustments that need to be made if your product is to satisfy the intended purpose when it is launched. Some of the tweaking may involve a slight change in the configuration of the product while others may require additional coding so as to bring the product up to speed.

The last thing you would want is to put a product live only to receive a mail or a call that the intended user cannot benefit from your launched product because of one failure or the other. Customer experience is key in product development because if it is not taken care of, it can easily taint and damage your reputation. Try and avoid instances where you may have to bring down your product for fixing and re-launching. This is costly, inconveniencing, and can lead to a total collapse of your project. Doing performance testing will enhance chances of your launching a perfect product that works flawlessly just as you had envisioned during development.

The benefits highlighted above give you enough reasons why performance testing needs to be considered and incorporated into your workflow before your product is launched. The time wasted, frustration, and embarrassment caused may not be worth it in the long run.