The Importance of Elastic Search

Elastic Search is a type of search engine which is meant to take care of the search related queries which are not just the regular ones, but also those are distributed over the real time and have requirements related to analytics engine. The major area of application of the elastic search is in the single page applications and you would learn more about this when you take an elastic search online certification. Developed in Java by Apache, this is an open source tool that has lately become popular amongst a lot of small and renowned global level organizations.

If you are planning to learn more than the basics discussed here, consider taking an elastic search course in Chicago. Here, we will be focusing on the basic concepts of the elastic search and its important features. Before you go into the learning of elastic, it is important to have sound knowledge of Java, basics of web technologies, search engines, and JSON. Additionally, since the entire interaction here will be done through the RESTful API, basic knowledge about that is also required to make sure that you learn the Elastic search effectively.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of elastic search is because it is built on java. Due to this, its areas of applications are quite high and people generally prefer choosing it over other options citing the compatibility issues and makes it easy to operate this on a variety of platforms. If data interaction at a very high speed is your requirement, the elastic search is going to answer all of your questions.

Not many people know this but an elastic search has a few notable features due to which it is capable of replacing Databases like Raven and Mongo. Apart from dealing with huge chunks of data in no time, it is also capable of improving the overall performances when search queries are fed into the system.

There are a lot of advantages that you will experience when you use Elastic Search. Check out some of these in the sentences below.

Ø  It works in real time and therefore, as soon as you make a change, it would reflect in the real time the very next second.

Ø  Data scaling becomes very easy in Elastic because it is widely distributed. So even in the bigger organizations where they deal in huge quantities of data, scalability is never going to be a problem if the elastic search is used.

Ø  Elastic search comes with a great concept of the gateway. With the help of this feature, you can create complete backups in the perfect manner and in very less time.

Ø  Elastic is often compared to Apache Solr but the advantage with Elastic is that it is good in handling the multi-tenancy.

Apart from these advantages, there is one important aspect that proves to be a challenge with the elastic search. When it comes to request handling and data responsiveness, elastic fails to provide support in multiple languages thus limit its usability.



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