Thriller and its sub genres

Thriller movies and television shows gave a feeling of excitement, suspense, increase their heart beats their feelings. Because of the moods it brought in viewers it is known as trailer. It is a general genre and has been divided into many other sub genres. These movies and television shows keep their viewers over the edge till the end of the show and a good thriller films will never so slow till the last scene. It will keep its suspense and a form of excitement surprise, anticipation and anxiety and leave the viewers in owe. The sub genre of thriller films and TV shows depends on the theme or the plot. If the film has scaring element, it will be sub categorized as horror thriller. Here are definitions of each subcategory.

In action thriller the hero or heroine of the film tries to save themselves or the world with bad people. In the process they will come across many obstacles and situations where they will have to fight with people physically, they will have to run from bad people or villains or kill them. Action thrillers usually feature a race against the clock, frequent violence, and a clear antagonist. There many examples of thriller movies such as fast and furious all seasons, the girl on the train and many other films. If you want to look more thriller movies online free you can check out putlocker. This website has the biggest collection of thriller films and TV shows all old and recently released with the best picture results.

Comedy thriller will have a element of fun and excitement as well as suspense and action. The film will not just have serious characters and dialogs, it will also have some very funny characters or the dialogs of the characters will have funny element in them.

Crime thriller films and TV shows will have both elements thrill and crime. You will see that good people, or copes or forces are fighting with those people who are involved in different crimes such as drugs, robbery, killing people and many others. The examples for crime thriller TV shows are Chicago pd, lost CSI and 24.

Horror thrillers are based on the films which have suspense, excitement or horror at one place. These types of film keep people excited but in a scary way and People love to watch these type of films and TV shows. No matter how scary the film is it will always attract people’s attention. The more the horror, the more viewers it will gain.

Legal thriller is based on those films which are particularly about legal forces and their fight with criminals, killers, and many other bad people. The system of justice itself is always a major part of these works, at times almost functioning as one of the characters. You can watch law and order, Chicago justice and many such TV shows.

Spy films and TV shows are getting famous day by day. These films are based on those agents who are working secretly in different territories and trying to figure out the secrets of the governments of different countries which can harm their countries. Mission impossible I, II and III are the best examples of these films


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