Why Every Company Should Have a Digital Lobby Signage

The first impression is essential in building a healthy relationship between a business enterprise and a client. Therefore, business owners should consider improving the look of their lobby by putting up a digital signage. The signage helps in increasing the credibility of business while at the same time entertaining clients. The business owners have the liberty to change what displays at the Digital lobby signage ranging from their services to the weather or nutrition news. The lobby signage is mostly available for use in the hospitals, financial institutions, retails, gyms, hotels, offices, schools and commercial real estates.

Uses of a Digital Signage

Unlike the traditional print signage the, digital signage uses sound, visuals, and movement which helps in attracting the client’s attention. Businesses have used the signage to improve their income and communicate with customers from the point that they enter a building. Incorporating the physical environment with the semi-transparent displays, not only increases the aesthetic value of the lobby, but it also attracts the clients’ attention to the signage. Below are some of the uses of the digital lobby signage:

1) Locating places in a building

Conferences and workshops in a building attract a large crowd of people, and it may be hard to find the halls. A digital signage featuring a map and a directory of a building helps in the quick search for the location.

2) Entertainment

Waiting in a lobby can be exhausting if nothing is entertaining the clients. A digital lobby signage displaying newsfeed or anything informative reduces the boredom while waiting to receive services.

3) Provide information on the surrounding

A business enterprise may include information about the surrounding service providers such as in financial institutions, attractions, or shopping malls that the customer may require. This may be ideal for the hotels or other service providers that attract tourists and international clients.

4) Advertisements

Companies use the visuals to advertise their products and include information on their reviews from different listings, for example, Yelp. The developers can easily incorporate various videos that create an engaging environment that is in line with the brand or services that a company provides. Click here to view more about additional ways to use the digital lobby signage.

Benefits of a Digital Signage

The digital signage invites the clients to engage with your business brand in a way that the traditional methods cannot. The ability of the business owner to create the digital displays using the environment that reflects their brand attracts more visitors to listen to your brand message. Company owners and managers have used the digital signage to communicate with the employees and send reminders, therefore, saving time spent on holding meetings. The digital lobby signage may also give customers additional information about a particular product or activity hence enhancing the clients’ experience. A livened lobby is highly likely to attract repeat customers and extend the wait time for anyone seeking services.


Digital lobby signage has improved the sales and the customer retention in most businesses. Putting up a digital signage would cost more upfront charges than the traditional ones but the services it provides are worth the cost. Companies should focus on building the best digital signage for the business that would leave a permanent impression.

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