Digital Camera Types

Modern culture sets up new trends. It is cool now to be creative, have many hobbies, buy art and travel a lot. With extreme popularity of blogs, social networks and private portals, photography is gaining more and more fans every day. As in every industry, according to different purposes and demands digital camera manufacturers have developed a broad variety of cameras. And before buying one, a beginner needs to get basic knowledge about the main camera types and their functions.

Standard Compact Cameras

Also known as Point-and-Shoots, standard compact cameras are developed for those who just need to take tolerable photos but don’t want to get trapped in a maze of many adjustments. Such cameras are fully automatic and have a minimum of tools such as a built-in flash, a zoom lens, and a number of scene modes. Still, you can take quite nice pictures with a point-and-shot camera due to its smart automatic adjustment and many megapixels (at least 12). Another benefit of compact cameras is their size. They are small and can be easily put into a pocket.

Sub-Compact Cameras

Those cameras are a step up from the previously described type. They include bridge compact (or advanced compact) and super zoom cameras and offer more options for exposure control. Bridge cameras besides automatic settings allow also Aperture priority and Shutter priority modes. Bridge cameras with powerful zoom option are called super zoom compacts. Some of them even allow lens replacing. Higher functionality and larger lenses bound sub-compact cameras to be larger and heavier that standard ones. They can be a good variant for people who appreciate the quality of pictures and like manual adjustment, but have no desire to carry around a huge device.

Action Cameras

Action or adventure cameras are particularly designed for active sports and extreme activities. Though being similar to compact cameras, they are waterproof, weatherproof, and shock proof. Action cameras have special fixation to be attached to bikes, helmets, snowboards and other sport equipment in order to catch dynamic shots and videos of your active pastime. You need to buy an action camera if you do active sports, often go hiking and your life if full of adventures.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras which belong to the most advanced type. They are designed for professionals and amateurs who want to have a full control of the shots they take. If it is about you, read about how to choose camera in order to find an affordable variant. Reflex cameras contain a complex system of lenses, a mirror, a pentaprism and an imagine chip. The light passes all of them to reach the view finder where you can see your future shot. Because of such a construction DSLR cameras are rather huge and heavy. Still, their lenses can be even larger. SLR cameras allow to change lenses and each of them is designed to fit different purposes. It means that you can have one camera body and a whole range of various lenses for it. The option of upgrading your DSLR camera is nearly endless.

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