5 iPhone Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Your iPhone is a powerhouse of convenience. It comes loaded with so many helpful features that you probably aren’t even aware of its full potential. Apple has hidden some useful capabilities you should start taking advantage of now! Here are the top tips you should know. Keep in mind that most of these tips only apply to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with the latest iOS update.

  1. Enhance Your Passcode

Now you can set an even more robust passcode than the recently-introduced six-digit option. You can use letters in your passwords now, just like you do when signing up for a website. Just go to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode > Passcode Options > Custom Alphanumeric Code.

  1. Adjust Your Flashlight Brightness

The flashlight capability on iPhones is extremely useful, but sometimes it’s too bright. Now you can click the flashlight symbol in the Control Center and choose between bright, medium, and low light options.

  1. Customize Your Do Not Disturb Settings

You might already utilize Do Not Disturb to ensure you get a good night’s sleep or get through that business meeting without causing any interruptions, but it can get in the way of important calls. If you ever worry about missing an urgent message, you can choose what contacts to exempt from the setting. This way, you’ll never miss an emergency.

  1. Stop Playing Music With a Timer

    If you enjoy falling asleep to music but hate waking up to a drained battery, head to the Clock app, tap Timer, choose the duration of your Timer, tap When Timer Ends, and select Stop Playing. Press start on your timer and start your music–your music will stop when the timer ends.

  2. Sleep Better With Night Shift

    Want to sleep better? Reduce blue light on your iPhone screen by enabling Night Shift. Just go to Settings > Night Shift. You can schedule it to turn on a few hours you go to bed so you can sleep more peacefully.

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