Brief Information on Armoured Vehicles

Most of us would think about those massive tanks when we heard about armoured vehicle. There’s nothing wrong about that because armoured vehicle is highly associated with military vehicle. The term of armoured vehicle comes from the fact that the vehicle has armour for protection against fire shots or explosion blasts. Military vehicles were the ones that add armour for better protection in battlefield

Today, there are different types of Military armoured vehicles. It is ranging from armoured personnel carrier (APC) to main battle tank (MBT). Different purposes and characteristics will determine the types of armour to meet the protection needs. But armoured vehicle isn’t only used for military purpose. It is also widely used for civilian purposes. It is ranging from armoured cars for VIP protection to vehicles that required added protection or used on dangerous environment. Unlike military armoured vehicles which were specifically designed for its military use, civilian armoured vehicles are mostly based on existing vehicle model improved with protective armour. POTUS’ presidential limo or widely dubbed as The Beast is one good example of the best civilian armoured vehicle. Or you often notice on movies the armoured vans used to transport and distribute money or gold bars, that’s also good example for civilian armoured venicle.

Armoured vehicle is made for optimum protection. So, it is required to have excellent safety, durability, and robustness. Making an armoured vehicle is more than just bodywork process. You can’t just add protective metal armour to the vehicle body. The whole vehicle may need to be optimized because prospective armour will add significantly weight. It would be more powerful engine, as well as stronger chassis, transmission, and wheels. For optimum use, it may also need advanced technology such as GPS, cameras, locking mechanism, as well as automatic defense. It may need specialist armoured conversion service.

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