Location Tracker: Tips on How to Find a Missing Cell Phone

Anyone who’s ever lost a phone, or had one stolen, knows that aside from just the cost of replacing a cell phone, there’s also the hassle of replacing lost contacts, not to mention precious memories in the form of photos which can’t be replaced.

In this day and age a lot of our data is cloud-based, so we can access it even if our phone disappears, but honestly, we’d rather not have to. So here’s how to find your phone in the event that it gets lost or stolen.

How do you track an iPhone?

I’ll start with this because it’s quite a common phone. Apple has a great feature called “find my iPhone”. You can track your phone through another device – either your iPad or someone else’s iPhone or log into your Apple account and track it on your computer.

This is great for if you’ve left your phone at a friend’s house or in the back seat of a taxi – you can confirm where you left it without a lot of running around. If it’s near you, you can have it play a long, loud tone to help you find it. The downside is that if your phone is switched off or has run out of battery, you can’t track it.

There are other apps that work just as well, or better for iPhones as well as other models.

How do you find a cell phone location?

Typically, your phone’s GPS will send you a location or coordinates which you can follow using Google Maps or any other GPS. Many tracking apps, such as mSpy’s location tracker allow you to track your device, even when standard GPS is unavailable. They also allow you to remotely lock your device and, in the event that you feel you won’t get your device back, to erase your data in order to protect your privacy.

You can also track any activity on your phone between losing and finding it, if you’re concerned that whoever has it may be using it without your knowledge.

Getting your phone back

If your phone is at a friend or client’s house, give them a call and find out when you can go and pick it up. If you’ve left it in a taxi, call the cab company and they can help you find it, the same applies to restaurants and coffee shops. It’s usually a good idea to have an I.C.E. number, such as your spouse, set as your lock screen so that if your phone is found or something happens to you, whoever finds your phone knows who to call. If your phone has actually been stolen, it’s best to get the police involved. You may know where your phone is, but you can’t be sure who has it or how they will react when confronted.

Losing your phone can feel like losing your right hand, so try not to. But if you do lose it accidentally, make sure you’ve got a way to track it down.

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