Things to Consider before Selling your Old Android Devices

Android smartphones with latest upgrades and exciting features are the need of the hour for the current generation these days. Smartphone sales are on the rise and mobile companies are coming up with new features on their smartphones to attract potential customers. Smartphones, with the latest Android update, front and back cameras with higher megapixels, high inbuilt memory, high RAM, and most importantly a great processor, are in huge demand by all.

This craze has left the old mobile phones that were used before to remain unutilized or get damaged. Now, you may wonder what to do with the old devices? Two options that immediately come into your mind are – selling those phones in exchange of money or donating your phones to recycling centers. But before choosing any option it is important to protect your personal data present in your mobile devices.

Here are some points that you need to consider before you sell your phone or donate it to recycling centers.

1. Backing Up of Personal Data

We all have a lot of files and personal data stored in our mobile phones like pictures, videos, songs and messages, that we don’t want any other person to view. Therefore, before selling or exchanging your old mobile phones, it is advised to back up all your data in the MicroSD card or in your computer. These days, Android and iOS phones have various applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., that helps in backing up the data in cloud storage. So follow these processes and back up all your data beforehand so that new owners of your handset cannot access your personal data. Keep in mind to remove your MicroSD card after data backup.

2. Remove your SIM Card

A SIM card contains all the contact numbers and messages present in the mobile phones. Therefore you need to remove your SIM card from your old mobile phones before selling or giving it to any other people.

3. Perform Factory Data Reset

You may have removed all the data from your device through cloud storage or MicroSD card, but there may still be some data that is not possible to erase manually. These files can be removed completely by going to the “Factory Data Reset” option. This option will remove every information present in your phone so that the phone will look like it was purchased just now. Though it is known that all the data present will be removed completely through this option, it is advised to check the phone manually again.

4. Cleaning the Device

After completing all the above processes, the one thing that is left to be done is to clean your old device. Open your smartphone and clean the interior as well as exterior portions to remove dust particles present inside your phone. This will make the phone look good as new.

Now the time has come to bid farewell to your old smartphone. Follow the steps mentioned above and then sell it to potential buyers through online or off-line mode or you can recycle your smartphone by giving it to recycling centers.

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